Manyssin Thin / Nowly

Can you present yourself in a few words?

Hello ! My Name is  Manyssin THIN (but I also called Many). I graduated in 2010 from Brassart Campus Tours. I am the co-founder and director of Nowly, which is a global digital solutions studio based in Tours.

Can you describe your career path ?

Just after being certified as a Multimedia and Graphic Designer, myself and 11 school friends created a non-profit organization, called AMAZING DYNAMIC ZOO. Our aim was to meet together to create graphic content for many different mediums; illustration, film, etc. It was a fantastic opportunity to continue working with classmates after graduating in order to enhance our resumés, and it helped us feel more confident when suddenly faced with the working world. While working with this association, I also decided to teach myself After Effect and spent two years working freelance in Paris as a graphic and motion designer for different advertising, publishing, and post-production agencies ((Delapost, Ogilvy, Auditoire…).

As my wish was to return to Tours and make our association a professional venture, Cédric NEIGE, Lucas CHARVET and I decided to set up our own agency called DES CHEVAL. We signed important global campaigns and also worked with a variety of clients; from the local communications agency to a large telecommunications firm looking to expand onto the African continent.

What about today ? What is your current position and in what area of activity?

I left the agency in 2013, as I wanted to work with startups. I am head of Nowly (recently installed in the MAME industrial zone), which offers global digital solutions. We put our expertise and experience to use for innovative projects and develop the products internally. Some examples of these products : a social networking application called Aintro, and a very innovative sensorial mobile game created in partnership with  RCP :

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I have taken some distance from being a graphic designer and see it differently now. I have been overseeing digitial projects from the very beginning up until the delivery of the final project with special attention paid to the marketing and business strategy that will be applied

How do you see a graphic designer’s work ?

My belief is that today, more than ever, a graphic designer must take into consideration certain aspects of the creative process that we tended to ignore in the past. I’m thinking namely of the business side of thing, but we could also talk about the societal and environmental dimensions. Images are becoming increasingly more important in our everyday lives and are taking on new and exciting forms thanks to our ever-advancing technology. I think that a graphic designer must be extremely openminded and even more curious because their field is constantly evolving and expanding in a way that seems to know no limits.

What did Brassart do for you ?

Brassart’s graphic artists have a huge asset: they aren’t afraid of hard work, they’re nearly machines. This quality is of critical importance and is highly appreciated in the working world, especially if you want to work in an agency. Hard work makes anything possible.

What do you remember best about your time at Brassart?

The long evenings spent sticking together foam boards for my packaging project! The sleepless nights spent with my classmates desperately trying to our work. I sometimes find myself missing those days..

Are you still in contact with some friends of your class  ?

Yes. I even work with some of them: Joris Discepoli, Alice Turquois, Johann Blais, Romain Bazoge, Pierre Chevalier. But I also see some students from other years : Marie Cottu, Gregory Tschanturia, Thomas Seynave, Arthur Seguin, Pierre Saikalï… I probably forgot some names. It would be fun to have some sort of Brassart Alumni association like they do in business schools.

What would you like to say to Brassart’s current students?

Try things. And meet with professionals as much as you can. It is not always easy, given their busy schedule, but it is really important. Networking can really help them understand what the line of work actually is and see where it’s heading. People generally have good advice, but even more important is what can come from meeting with them. Who knows?

What matters for you when hiring a new, creative colleague?

Motivation and curiosity. When I receive a portfolio and a resume, I pay close attention to what the person does outside of school. This is what really reveals their personality. I really like to see that they are active members of an association, that they do team sports or that they give time to charity. This is very often what shows me that the person isn’t afraid of commitment and taking initiatives.