Level II – Bac +3 
B2 : 60 ects / B3 : 60 ects / B4 : 60 ects
Teaching in English possible in B3 and B4 in NANTES

3 Year Course

This is BRASSART’s flagship course. Once the minimum basic knowledge has been acquired during a foundation year, a MANAA and/or a pass in a specific baccaulauréat, the course focusses on developing a real creative skill at a high level. It teaches students  how to approach all projects with method, creativity and effective organisation : graphic design, packaging design, web design or advertising. Designers with an ability to take on a project in its globality will tend towards a job as artistic director.

Graduation Project (PFE)

In the 6th and last semestre of the course (B4).

The student engages in a global communication project on a theme of his/her choice. Supported by a specialised working professional as tutor, the student must create, develop and scriptwrite his or her project, in order to work towards professional standards. Finally, the student presents his/her project to a jury of specialists. This project forms the centrepiece of the press-book and counts greatly towards passing the diploma.


The multidisciplinary careers in visual communication offer designers a multitude of specialities. The most common include : brand design, packaging design, digital design, motion design, advertising or illustration. All require a strong technical command of creative, printed and online content publishing software.


Brassart Tours campus

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37200 Tours
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Brassart Nantes campus

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44000 Nantes
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Brassart Caen campus

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14000 Caen
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ESMI Bordeaux campus

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33300 bordeaux
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Bachelor Level II – Bac +3 certified by the CNCP