B2 / B3 / B4


  • Illustration / comic strip
  • Concept artist

3 Year Course

The course in Graphic Arts provides a theoretical, practical and artistic education in careers in illustrative graphic design. Drawing techniques and image culture form the main focus of the course. Students learn to use different production techniques, whether graphic or traditional, but also to conceptualise their ideas. Throughout the learning process, students are supervised by working professionals who help them to define their own graphic identity.


A particular appetite for graphic arts and drawing, a limitless curiosity for new practices, a feeling for personal projects and a general culture in perpetual expansion.

Graduation Project (PFE)

Depending on the chosen option, students must prepare a publishing presentation pack for a comic strip, a children’s book or a complete art book illustrating a project (publishing, video game or animated film). Worlds made up of characters, environments, animals and objects must be shown through illustration work.


Young professionals work for the most part as freelancers, comic strip and children’s book authors or cartoonists. They can also be found designing virtual worlds for animated film and video games for production companies. Their versatility means they can also find work in creative studios and communications agencies.


ESMI Bordeaux campus

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Bachelor – School diploma