1 Year Course

The foundation year in Applied arts is the antechamber of our courses. It provides young and inexperienced students with the basics. Through the exploration of the most important creative techniques, they discover the range of possibilities whilst forming their own creative character. Open-mindedness and general culture are also on the menu ; they are the pillars essential to the young designer developing his or her worlds. Last but not least, this preparatory year in Applied arts helps students to define their career pathway and affirm their choice of profession through the streams on offer.


BRASSART is looking first and foremost for motivated students. A taste for the arts and new tech are also necessary when considering careers in design. Admittance to the Foundation in Applied Arts requires putting together a personal file, completing creative tests at home and then presenting both in a non-binding interview at one of the group’s campuses.


  • Three taught trimestres,
  • Continuous assessment ,
  • Weekly timetable,
  • Art education,
  • Professional education,
  • General education. 


Brassart Tours campus

1 rue Léo-Delibes, bâtiment B
37200 Tours
+33 (0)2 36 70 49 80

Brassart Nantes campus

4/6 rue d’Erlon
44000 Nantes
02 40 69 20 14

Brassart Caen campus

13 rue Antoine-Cavelier
14000 Caen
+33 (0)2 31 54 88 11

ESMI Bordeaux campus

22 quai de Bacalan
33300 bordeaux
+33 (0)5 56 48 14 70