1 Year Course

The preparatory class provides candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to enroll on a course in audiovisual studies. It’s a year of discovery and experimentation. It teaches the scientific and technical basics required for a place on a BTS :

  • Learn the methodological aspects of film-making (editing, shooting, short film-making…)
  • Enrich cultural and artistic knowledge
  • Favour independence and team work
  • Working professionals contribute by sharing their experiences with students and helping them to determine their own career choices.


Candidates are eligible after the baccalauréat. They must present themselves, their school file and personal works to the campus directors in an interview. The apitudes sought-after are a demonstrable artistic sensibility, knowledge of film and a passion for the audiovisual world.


  • Three taught trimestres,
  • Continuous assessment ,
  • Weekly timetable,
  • General education,
  • A literary and artistic education,
  • Teaching of techniques for shooting, sound recording and editing,
  • A film-making lesson : short films and video clips.

Further study


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