Level I – Bac +4
B5 : 60 ects

1 Year Course

This course is available at graduate level and teaches young designers the specific skills required for a strong command of digital project management. Students learn to develop their capacity for reflection and the implementation of comprehensive project parametres, in collaboration with specialist professionals. This sandwich course alternates work experience and course seminars in school. Each seminar launches a new project to be developed in a team and presented to a jury of professionals.


This formula allows the trainee to obtain a particular employment contract. With three weeks at work followed by one week at school, this course enables students to quickly put their theoretical knowledge into practice in the world of work. The final aim of the course is to find a sustainable first post with a host company. The course is financed by the company (via its accredited joint commission – OPCA) and the trainee earns a salary of approximately 80% of the statutory minimum wage.

Graduation Project (PFE)

Students are invited to tackle a problem concerning the strategic reworking or redirection of a brand. In collaboration with their tutor (a proven professional) the students create, develop and scriptwrite their project in order to showcase the skills acquired throughout their course, and particularly those acquired during this sandwich course where the digital aspect is dominant. At the end of the year, this work is submitted to a jury of professionals who validate the course and the diploma.


Recent graduates are fully trained to work within a digital agency, in advertising, and to participate in the elaboration and/or development of a brand’s strategy. There is also the possibility of moving towards the more specific careers in community management.


Brassart Tours campus

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37200 Tours
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Brassart Nantes campus

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Masters Level I – Bac +4 certified by the CNCP