B2 / B3 / B4


• Storyboarder
• Colorist

3 Year Course

The ABD (Académie Brassart Delcourt), result of the partnership between BRASSART and publishers Éditions Delcourt, offers a specialist course on the world of comic strips. Throughout their studies, students cover the different aspects of the profession : drawing, scriptwriting, editing, colouring and working with an editor. The course is taught by specialists in these disciplines. Theory is then compared with working reality during work experience placements. Finally, each class is sponsored by a published author : Zep, Arthur de Pins, Patricia Lyfoung, and Lupano are amongst the first to have lent their names.


An unreasonably strong taste for comic strips with solid knowledge of the range of genres : comics, manga and franco-belgian comic strips are highly recommended ! Some drawing experience, a good general culture and voracious curiosity are additional qualities.

Graduation Project (PFE)

The young author works on an individual comic strip project during his or her last year. He or she is supervised and supported by teachers (working professionals), the publisher and the sponsor. The aim is to propose a viable project to publishers who bestow a benevolent approach to this first professional experience.


Depending on how the ABD graduate’s personality evolves, he or she can expect to become an author-cartoonist, a scriptwriter, a storyboarder, a character designer or a colorist. The most ambitious graduates manage to combine all of these skills to become complete authors.


Brassart Paris Campus

Académie Brassart-Delcourt
77, avenue de la République
75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 71 32 87 26


Bachelor – School diploma