Niveau III – Bac +2
B2 / B3


• Editing / production

2 Year Course

The BTS with option in Editing/Postproduction teaches the technical skills and artistic know-how needed to carry out the editing and postproduction of an audiovisual work or product : short film, long film, advertisement… Students learn different editing techniques, how to select shots taken on a shoot for an audiovisual piece, and to use media specific to making the final cut.


Baccalauréat with option in audiovisual studies or any university qualification related to audiovisual, literary or scientific studies. Students who don’t meet the requirements can get to the required standard with the Foundation in Cinema / Audiovisual. The apitudes sought-after are a demonstrable artistic sensibility, knowledge of film and a passion for the audiovisual world. It is important to be open-minded and rational as well as rigorous and analytical.

Graduation Project (PFE)

Entitled « Project of a professional nature », the PFE requires the student to produce a short film (documentary or report) and to sit an oral exam in front of a jury of working professionals and Public Sector Professors.The oral exam will evaluate the student’s ability to make the right artistic choices, narrate and analyse the editing means used, as well as his or her knowledge of production management.


The spheres of activity are audiovisual production, cinema, services (advertising, events management…) and broadcasters (TV channels, internet.) The main qualifications are postproduction editing and videography.


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BTS Level III – Bac +2 accredited