Level II – Bac +3
B2 : 60 ects / B3 : 60 ects / B4 : 60 ects

3 Year Course

This specialist course is full of promise for students passionate about virtual worlds : acquire the technical and artistic skills needed to join the worlds of design, special effects, architecture, video games or animation. The course has strong technical added value with the teaching of 3D software : 3DS-Max®, Maya®, Unity®, Substance®, Z-brush®, V-Ray®, After Effects®… but we also place a great deal of stress on artistic development. Thus drawing and digital illustration, whilst not neglecting graphic culture, complement and complete the technical aspect. A lively creativity is necessary for our young graduates to become the film-makers with universe design concepts, that the entertainment industry demands.


A Foundation in Applied arts, a MANAA, a professional AMA baccalauréat or a STD2A baccalauréat are strongly advised. A confirmed taste for graphic production tools as well as a solid knowledge of the video game, animated cinema and special effects industries.

Graduation Project (PFE)

The third year of this course (B4) is closely focussed on the students’ graduation project. In groups of four or five, they realise a project of two to three minutes on a theme of their choice. It is either an animated film, a ‘demo reel’ for a video game, or an architectural visit. Work on this long, ambitious and demanding project is supported by teachers who provide the advice and technical support necessary for its timely completion.


The 3D industry is one where specialists from the numerous and complementary disciplines work in teams of greater or lesser size depending on the projects : modelling, design, texturing, lighting, rendering, animation (mechanical and organic), special effects (FX), compositing…


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Bachelor Level II – Bac +3 certified by the CNCP