B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 – Bac +4

4 Year Course

The 3D Character Animation Course provides, in addition to a general 3D education, the skills specific to character design and environment concept design.

The 3D Character Animation Diploma teaches the technical skills and artistic know-how needed to work as a virtual world designer in chains of production for video games, advertising or animated films.


A very good level in drawing, a high quality graphic dossier and creative flair are key to success in these disciplines. Good general culture combined with natural curiosity reinforce a candidate’s potential.

Graduation Project (PFE)

The Graduation Project involves the student taking on two key roles in the chain of production for a 3D animated short or a video game (produced in a team). Once at the stage of the project graphic design, the student becomes either character or environmental designer and equally occupies a role in 3D in line with his or her skills.


The young graduate can work, depending on his/her level of skill, as character designer, environmental designer, storyboarder, layout artist, matte painter, 3D designer, or lead animator.


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