Brassart attaches great importance to the optimal preparation of students for careers in Digital and Graphic Design. Streams have been designed to meet the expectations of this dynamic and promising sector.

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The 3D Animator is a specialist in synthetic images. He or she has a solid general knowledge of the profession, but a pronounced taste for cartoons or video games leads to a specialisation in one of the most in demand disciplines in 3D : animation. Animation is what gives life and movement to a character.

The 3D VFX Designer is passionate about computing and a project manager. He or she possesses impressive knowledge of image culture, and can refer constantly to art history, film, 2D and 3D animation, with special knowledge of the history of the synthetic image since its creation. He or she is also very creative. With a gift for drawing, he or she creates what doesn’t exist : buildings, characters, decors, vehicles.

Whether working in advertising, design, publishing, digital or packaging, the Artistic Director is first and foremost experienced and curious. He or she feeds their creativity by keeping an eye on artistic trends and societal evolutions. He or she understands brand strategy, creates with the latest trends in mind and explores concept formatting to promote the product or service entrusted by a client.

The Brand Designer is a specialist in visual identity or in packaging design. He or she is in charge of a company’s image or that of its products. He or she creates the visual identity of the brand and defines this in a graphic charter, genuine user guide for the logo and its graphic accessories.

The Character Designer is also in love with drawing and practices daily. He or she has usually started with studies in the applied arts so as to build up a solid cultural and technical baggage. Particularly interested in character drawing, his or her talent is put at the service of the entertainment industry : cartoons, illustration, video games, comic strips.

The Chief Editor breathes life into the project. He or she is one of the film-maker’s closest collaborators. Together, they choose the sequences and link shots. The coherence of the project is the fruit of this work. A large part of the work involves organising the rushes (edited scenes) in a certain order. He or she selects and combines the best shots.

The Colorist works in close collaboration with the publisher and the authors of the project. He or she must be able to adapt their work to the demands of the project. Versatility is a sought-after quality but a very assertive style can also be highly appreciated. He or she takes instructions from the cartoonist but reading and understanding the script beforehand must also inform the choices made.

The comic strip is a strong emblem of popular culture, especially in France where publications are bursting with hugely diverse creativity. A comic strip author is first and foremost someone who is curious and cultivated. Telling the story of a historical character or describing the life of a Gallic village requires research, even if it is funny !

The Comic Strip Scriptwriter is independent, he needs to be passionate about writing and especially motivated by a desire to tell stories. He or she needs to convince the illustrator, the publisher, the journalist and the public. The profession of Comic Strip Scriptwriter is close to that of Film Scriptwriter.

The Digital Designer is responsible for the production of visual content destined for digital platforms, which is to say, web sites, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets as well as videos.

The Graphic Designer is a visual communication professional. A versatile designer, he or she commands the use of drawing, image and typography combined to produce visuals and informative messages. He or she knows how to combine traditional and graphics design techniques.

The Graphics Designer is a specialist working essentially on computers. He or she collaborates with the layout artists, graphic designers, digital designers or art directors.

The Illustrator is in love with drawing. He or she has great knowledge, an overflowing imagination and a strong personality. Capable of personifying the characters of children’s tales, illustrating the cover of a novel, of a press article or even of creating visuals for advertisements, he or she generally possesses a wide technical range.

When the final ‘Cut !’ is uttered on a film location, the film is still far from being finished. This is when postproduction work begins. Images need to be edited, calibrated and dubbed. All the specialists who intervene in this postproduction work play a vital rôle in the success of the project.

The Storyboarder is an illustrator. He or she reads and analyses the script proposed by the scriptwriter and interprets it in the form of a storyboard. This is an illustrated and synthetic representation of a script before a detailed work, which takes production or publication constraints into account.

The Videographer is an audiovisual professional. He or she is capable of operating on any type of production, whether cinema, video, animation, advertising or video games… He or she intervenes particularly at the moment of conception by modifying the images. He or she then proceeds to correct and touch up edited sequences : defect fixing, image cleanup…