The Storyboarder is an illustrator. He or she reads and analyses the script proposed by the scriptwriter and interprets it in the form of a storyboard. This is an illustrated and synthetic representation of a script before a detailed work, which takes production or publication constraints into account. The Storyboarder can work in a wide variety of professional sectors : film, animation, comic strips, advertising or video games. The Storyboarder works in close collaboration with the project authors. His/her main skill is that of narration but he/she also develops a sharp sense of page layout, framing and plan management. He/she can also be asked to research and provide the documentation necessary for the production of the final strip. A solid knowledge of the sectors he/she works with is essential.



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Pierre ROUX

Class of 1981
Freelance Rough sketcher / Storyboarder (Argenton-sur-Creuse / 36)

Sketcher, storyboarder, educated at Brassart Tours campus, he has been involved in TV and cinema advertising for Dior perfumes and beauty products for several years. He has also worked as storyboarder for films like Le Convoyeur, with Albert Dupontel and Delicatessen by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Pierre ROUX - Class of 1981