The Comic Strip Scriptwriter is independent, needs to be passionate about writing and especially motivated by a desire to tell stories. He or she needs to convince the illustrator, the publisher, the journalist and the public. The profession of Comic Strip Scriptwriter is close to that of Film Scriptwriter. The vocabulary and ‘grammar’ are identical even if the possibilities of expression of both media are rather different. The Scriptwriter is often creator of his/her own projects but can also receive orders from publishers. Scriptwriting is a collaborative task in the sense that it needs to be interpreted by a cartoonist. It must be clear in its instructions and able to provide graphic co-authors with all the information and documentary source materials necessary for their work. The ability to work on several scripts simultaneously is an important guarantee of professionalisation.  Co-writing is a pathway that is currently developing rapidly.



Brassart Paris Campus

77, avenue de la République
75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 71 32 87 26



Class of 2014
Freelance Comic strip scriptwriter (Caen / 14)

A graduate of Brassart Caen campus, Mehdi is a graphic designer, illustrator and scriptwriter.

He began his career in an advertising agency before returning to his first passion : comic strips. Currently, he is working on 2 big projects which will allow him to complete his range of expertise (writing, story-board et coloring)… One to watch if, like him, you love stories too.

Mehdi CLEREMBAUX - Class of 2014