The Colorist works in close collaboration with the publisher and authors of the project. He/she must be able to adapt his/her work to the demands of the project. Versatility is a guarantee of professionalisation but a strong style can also be appreciated. He/she takes instruction from the illustrator, but a prior reading and understanding of the script should also inform his/her choices. The main aim of the Colorist, like that of the illustrator, is to serve the intentions of the text. He/she must master colour harmonies, know how to manage lighting and prioritise strips. Coloring has evolved greatly with the use of graphics design and new digital tools. Traditional colour on blue (or grey) has practically disappeared. Direct colour (on the original) is generally done by the author him/herself. As he/she is in the production chain, he/she provides the folders to the publisher’s manufacturing department. A deep knowledge of graphic software is indispensable.



Académie Brassart-Delcourt Paris Campus

77, avenue de la République
75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 71 32 87 26




Class of 1973
Freelance Colorist (Ballan-Miré / 37)

A graduate of Brassart Tours campus, Afroula adores B&W in film, in photography and in graphic design, but colour is her passion. After 3 years employment (Manager of colour research and cartoon environments at studio DIC), she became a freelance illustrator. Now, having found ‘her’ Cartoonist (Jean BARBAUD), she colours his comic strips.

Afroula HADJIYANNAKIS - Class of 1973