The Digital Designer is responsable for the making of visual content destined for digital platforms, i.e. Internet sites, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets as well as videos.  He or she has all the qualities of a Graphic Designer (typography, design, layout… ) but can adapt to the constraints of new digital media. For example, he or she designs the page layout and navigation principles of a website. In this way, the user’s pathway is made easier in order to deliver an optimal user experience. In this case, we are talking about UX and UI design.  The Digital Designer works in collaboration with all the actors of the digital production chain : motion designers, illustrators, IT developers, integrators… Not only passionate about new tech, he or she also needs to keep a constant eye on the principles, modes and uses of the perpetually evolving digital world.



Brassart Tours campus

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37200 Tours
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Brassart Nantes campus

4/6 rue d’Erlon
44000 Nantes
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Brassart Caen campus

13 rue Antoine-Cavelier
14000 Caen
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ESMI Bordeaux campus

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33300 bordeaux
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Guillaume GRIMAUD

Class of 2010
Digital Designer
Creativepark (Nantes / 44)

Digital Artistic Director & UI designer, Guillaume is a pixel perfect maker.

A graduate of Brassart Nantes campus, after 3 years in an agency he became freelance and surrounded himself with other talented web players. He loves to take on a challenge and create new user experiences. Today he is both co-founder and Design Director at, a marketing dashboard platform.

Guillaume GRIMAUD – Class of 2010