The Brand Designer is a specialist in visual identity or packaging design. He or she is responsible for a company’s image or for that of its products. He or she creates the brand’s visual identity and defines it in a graphic chart, a genuine user guide for the logo and its graphic accessories. He or she watches over the harmony of the whole, the brand’s image on communication media (in the press, on posters or on the web for example). When working for a packaging agency, the Brand Designer designs product packaging thinking of shape, optimal ergonomy and prioritises the information delivered through design and typography. It is necessary to conciliate an obligation to visual effectiveness with the constraints of the product, while paying attention to current trends. Like the Graphic Designer, the Brand Designer has a perfect command of traditional and graphics design techniques.



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Younha LEE

Class of 2010
Freelance Brand designer (Seoul / Korea)

Younha is Korean. She came to study Design in France, at Brassart’s Tours campus and graduated in 2010. Although she spoke little French on her arrival, she made lightning progress and ended up top of her year. She returned to Seoul after her studies in order to practice as a Brand Designer.

Younha LEE – Class of 2010