Whether working in advertising, design, publishing, digital or packaging, the Artistic Director is first and foremost experienced and curious. He or she feeds their creativity by keeping an eye on artistic trends and societal evolutions. He or she understands brand strategy, creates with the latest trends in mind and explores concept formatting to promote the product or service entrusted by a client.

Dealing with marketing departments, he or she deploys several creative directions in collaboration with the copywriter, who is the other member of the creative team responsible for writing publicity texts. Depending on the concepts developed, he or she determines the visual form and the means of communication to be used for message distribution. In communication agencies, the Artistic Director is often partnered with a creative team (designers, graphic designers, layout artists…). He or she knows how to lead them and coordinate their work whilst respecting the brief and the timetable agreed with the client.



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37200 Tours
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44000 Nantes
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Jean-François HERAUD

Class of 1998
Artistic Director
Moswo (Nantes / 44)

Jeff joined the agency Moswo in 2001 as a designer.

A graduate of Brassart Tours campus, he worked on a variety of areas, from illustration to branding.

Today he is Senior Artistic Director and Jeff likes to offer his clients audacious but meaningful visual systems. His secret : strong, coherent and powerful identities !

Jean-François HERAUD – Class of 1998