The 3D Animator is a specialist in synthetic images. He or she has a solid general knowledge of the profession, but a pronounced taste for cartoons or video games leads to a specialisation in one of the most in demand disciplines in 3D : animation. Animation is what  gives life and movement to a character. He or she is also in charge of animating machines, mechanics or vehicles… He or she works in close collaboration with the character designer, the rigger and the skinner. The character designer creates and defines the characters, giving them an appearance, proportions, a personality. Then the rigger creates the skeleton necessary for the animation. Next comes the work of the skinner who determines the textures of objects and characters. Finally, it is the animator’s turn. But, in order to give movement to the characters, he/she must understand their attitude and psychology. These are defined by the script (film or video game) and translated into the work of the character designer. He then elaborates the gestures and movements of the body, the facial expressions depending on the needs of the script. Successful work depends essentially on observation of the living.



Brassart Tours campus

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37200 Tours
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Brassart Caen campus

13 rue Antoine-Cavelier
14000 Caen
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ESMI Bordeaux campus

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Class of 2009
3D Designer
Youta Communication (Tours / 37)

Arthur left Brassart Tours campus in 2009 and enrolled at ArtFX in Montpellier, a school specialised in 3D VFX. For his graduation project, he collaborated in the making of the animated film Reverso. Then he and his partners created the agency YOUTA Communication in Tours, specialised in the creation of audiovisual and digital communication tools.

Arthur SEGUIN - Class of 2009