When the final ‘Cut !’ is uttered on a film location, the film is still far from being finished. This is when postproduction work begins. Images need to be edited, calibrated and dubbed. All the specialists who intervene in this postproduction work play a vital rôle in the success of the project.

The editor works with a digital editor. He makes a selection of filmed images and puts them together in accordance with the script or the storyboard. This is how the story emerges. The editor is a rigorous professional, he/she must constantly keep in mind the whole of the project in order to produce coherent work. Although he/she enjoys a great deal of creative independence, work is always undertaken under the direction of the film-maker in order to respect the spirit of the work.



ESMI Bordeaux campus

22 quai de Bacalan
33300 bordeaux
+33 (0)5 56 48 14 70



Class of 2016
Postproduction editor
Sylicone Hiventy (Paris / 75)

A graduate of Esmi Bordeaux campus, Hugo is currently preparing calibration sessions for different projects. He manages shoot rushes for several fictions currently in production. He works full-time on projects for different production and distribution companies : Baron Noir season 2 at Kwai Production / 13 Novembre for Netflix at No School Production, and also Profilage at Beaubourg and Cinetévé.

Hugo VARGAS - Class of 2016