The Chief Editor breathes life into the project. He or she is one of the film-maker’s closest collaborators. Together, they choose the sequences and link shots. The coherence of the project is the fruit of this work. A large part of the work involves organising the rushes (cut scenes) in a certain order. He or she selects and combines the best shots. He/she may also integrate sequences that have been enhanced with special effects. It’s necessary to find the right image, the one that starts or ends a sequence, and check if they are coherent with what comes before and after. The Chief Editor is also in charge of synchronising the soundtrack and dialogues on the images. At this stage of the project, he/she can work with sound effects specialists who reinforce certain effects. In all circumstances, he/she guarantees the homogenity of the project and faithfulness to the director’s spirit.



ESMI Bordeaux campus

22 quai de Bacalan
33300 bordeaux
+33 (0)5 56 48 14 70


Thanh Long BACH

Class of 2010
Freelance Chief Editor (Paris / 75)

A graduate of Esmi Bordeaux campus, Thanh Long works for the most part in Paris where he has become chief editor for different companies : Quad, Fix Studio, Digital District… His projects are predominantly advertising for big brands like Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Orange, Guerlain, Audi, BMW and L’Oréal. He has also worked on music videos, documentaries and short films.

Thanh Long BACH - Class of 2010