Admission to Brassart campuses in Tours – Nantes – Caen

Please contact the campuses of Bordeaux and Paris directly.


School Fees

Enrollment Terms

1/ I do the tests

Candidates must complete two tests at home (no time limit). Candidates can choose from the following :

  • Still life
  • Make a poster
  • Stylisation

You’ll find further explanantion in the leaflet « Enrollment Terms »

© Brassart – Example of a still life
Drawing objects in pencil© Brassart – Example of a still life
© Brassart – Example of stylisation
Simplification of objects in pencil© Brassart – Example of stylisation

2/ I make an appointment

You can call the secretary of your chosen campus at any point in the year in order to make an appointment,

By téléphone :

  • Brassart Tours campus : +33 (0)2 36 70 49 80
  • Brassart Nantes campus : +33 (0)2 40 69 20 14
  • Brassart Caen campus : +33 (0)2 31 54 88 11

By submitting a request

3/ I attend an interview

During 40 minutes, we will give a more detailed presentation of the school and its teaching structure. We will try to get to know you better and gauge your motivation. We will look together at your press book, the tests completed for the occasion, and your school reports for the last 3 trimestres (please bring photocopies).

Press book

Candidates must come to interview with their portfolio.

The portfolio should be a considered collection of all work that demonstrates an interest in artistic disciplines (drawing, painting, graphics design, sculpture, collage, photography). They can be personal works or those done in an educational environment (plastic arts option, drawing lessons, creative workshop…).

School Results

Candidates must bring copies of their latest results ( end-of-term reports, exam results…). The aim is not to select students based on current ability, but rather to try and detect the presence (or absence) of a desire to learn.

You will be told immediately at the end of the intervew whether

1- You have an offer of a place

2- You do not have an offer

and explanations will be provided.


Request an admission interview

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