What is accreditation?

An accredited institution or qualification is one which is offically declared by an authorized organisation to be of the approved standard in a specific domain. It is awarded to training establishments in recognition of the quality of teaching and expertise.


The National Commission of Professional Certification (CNCP) certifies the validity of our courses by registering our diplomas (titles) at the RNCP, The National Register of Professional Certification. This organisation reports directly to the Ministry of Work.

CNCP Certification


A unique database created by government-approved institutions (OPCA), which publishes the list of training organisations that meet the 6 quality criteria set by decree on 30th June 2015. It validates the excellence of BRASSART’s teaching process.

Approved training organisations


Campus France / Campus Art

Campus France was established by the State to promote the French education and training system abroad. Campus Art is a subdivision which helps to promote training in the artistic field. BRASSART has been a member of both organisations since 2016.

Networks of French establishments in the field of the arts

Réseaux d’établissements français dans le domaine des Arts

Erasmus +

Erasmus is a European exchange programme for students, trainers and trainees of official partner establishments. It offers a grant system to help with transfer costs.

Brassart received Erasmus approval



Brassart is, like a majority of private schools, a member of the National Federation of Private Education (FNEP). Its chairman works at the school headquarters and participates actively in the improvement and development of the group’s schools.

National Federation of Private Education

Fédération Nationale de l’Enseignement Privé